Mátra-Diagnosztika Ltd.

Destructive and Non-Destructive material testing

About us

Services provided by Matra-Diagnosztika Ltd., are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority, under the registration number of: NAH-1-1895/2021. By that Mátra-Diagnosztika Ltd. is competent to perform test of metallic materials, alloys, steels, iron, cast iron and their welds, using destructive (DT), non-destructive (NDT) methods, structural analyses (Metallography) and method of atomic emission spectroscopy with spark and arc excitation.

Since 2016, our company has been operating VCA, VINCOTTE safety management system, which has been assessed to meet the VCA*/SCC* 2017/6.0 check-list requirements. By this accreditation, Mátra-Diagnosztika Ltd. has taken into account the necessary prevention measures during the execution of the projects, in such way that all coworkers on site and within laboratory will experience minimal risks.

We have been aiming to provide the highest quality training and equipment to our staff, that best supports the team, while facing with all material testing challenges of our age.

In 2019, Mátra-Diagnosztika Kft. gladly complied with Zwick/Roell’s request and has been continuing its activities as an official reference laboratory of theirs.

Fields of application


Tank inspection

Pressure vessel inspection


Maintenance projects

Condition detection

Corrosion monitoring

Other areas

Automotive industry


Welding seam

Elemental composition

Mechanical tests

Other areas

Power engineering & steel structures

Mining machines

Power plant’s pipelines

Conveyor belts


Inspection and condition detection of steel structures

Other areas

Elemental composition & specifics


LRUT – long range ultrasonic testing

APR – heat exchanger inspection

Other areas

Electrical industry

Radiographic inspection

Wire harnesses and bindings

Other areas

Welding procedure test

Specification and qualification of welding procedures

Other areas